Saturday, 24 September 2016

Club Report–1st PDI Competition (Friday 23rd Sept)

Marjorie Burge writes:

On Friday 23rd September our 1st PDI competition was judged by Paul Dunmall CPAGB, a  member of Steyning Camera Club, and previously Distinctions Officer with the KCPA. Paul is a good friend of APS and judged our Portrait Competition in 2015. Images in all divisions were carefully considered and commented upon.  Paul was impressed with the high quality of Division 1 entries and leaned towards what he termed ‘brave’ entries, where photographers had taken a step outside the basic rules. In all divisions he felt there were good images which could have been improved by post-processing. At the end of the evening Paul said it was always a pleasure to be asked to judge at APS because of the high standard of work, and he felt that he too was able to learn from looking at our images.

Division 1:  1st Garry Shorter with Both Sides of the Coin, 2nd Sue Chapman with Petunia Details, 3rd Neil Owen with Follow the Leader.

Petunia Details by Sue Chapman

Division 2:  1st Graham Salt with Avro Tutor at Old Warden,  2nd Sean Harding with Tim, 3rd Chris Yates with Elmley Swan.

Avro Tutor At Old Warden by Graham Salt

Division 3:  1st Peter Skynner with Room With a View – Martindale Valley, 2nd Avril Christensen with Impressions of China, 3rd Avril Christensen with Alien City.

Room With A View – Martindale Valley by Peter Skynner

Next Friday, 30th September, we have Andy Smith LRPS CPAGB with his talk ‘Building on the Basics’ and it will be time to enter for the Janet Morris Memorial Trophy Record Competition covering both digital and print. Visitors always welcome.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Club Report - Talks by Graeme Andrews, Sean Harding and Chris Yates

Philip Hinton writes:

Last Friday evening was our first Club Night with presentations from Chris Yates, Sean Harding and Graeme Andrews, all APS members.

Chris began the evening by showing images of his interest in Urbex photography. This is finding and photographing buildings and architectural installations that are in danger of demolition and vandalism or even just neglect. Some have already been lost and Chris feels this is his way of preserving the memory of these interesting and rapidly disappearing buildings. He also gave an insight into his love of landscape photography with images of some of his favourite place's.

Conningbrook Lake by Chris Yates

Fort Burgoyne Caponier Dover by Chris Yates

Next, Sean presented his take on cars and bikes, photographed on visits to many local tracks and meetings, capturing action and speed. He then went on to show some of the wedding photography he has taken and explained how he approached getting the shots the couple wanted. He ended by showing some of his portrait images taken at re-enactment days and local festivals.

by Sean Harding

by Sean Harding

Graeme rounded up the evening with an insight into some of his creative images and his thinking behind the creative process. The evening ended with Graeme showing a selection of his natural history images from rare birds to macro pictures of insects and spiders, with images of sunsets near his home and even a view of a lightning strike.

by Graeme Andrews

by Graeme Andrews

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Club Report - "Alternative Images from a Fine Art and Club Perspective"

George Pearson writes:

Fridays’ entertaining presentation was very different from the conventional digital flow. David Silk and David Shaw frequently eschew the use of anything produced in the second half of the last century and instead dig out original unused Ilford and Kodak quarter and half plates via eBay. They then expose them in beautiful 100-year-old mahogany and brass cameras, develop and contact-print the results. They employ vintage techniques, cyanotype, lithographic etc; in short they explore possibilities that few of us have heard about and still fewer try. Both also take pleasure in both finding old images from any source and enquiring about the histories of the people and sights they discover. So, so different and all the stronger for that; a really enjoyable evening.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Club Report - Opening Night Of The New Season

Marjorie Burge writes:

An exciting first evening of our new season with everyone meeting up again after the summer break. The evening opened with a special surprise for Neville Marsh and Mick Gilburt when Councillor George Koowaree the Mayor of Ashford, and Gloria Champion the Deputy Mayoress, presented them with a cricket bat signed by all the Kent players commemorating 50 years of membership at APS, and Sue produced a celebration cake (made by her daughter Emma).  Neville has been on the committee right from the start, taking on different roles over the years and is now our President, and Mick has always been there by his side to help especially at the end of the evening when everything has to be tidied up before we can go home. I can remember Mick fine-tuning the projector in the good old days when we had slides.  Both Neville and Mick regularly attend the Kent matches and are well known for their award winning cricket photography. Fifty years of Friday nights and they are still enjoying themselves.

Once we had all signed in and received our programmes for the coming season, Katrina Devenport LRPS DPAGB and George Pearson DPAGB gave us an insight into their photography. Katrina has a special love for Yorkshire and showed us patterns in the snow on the hills and fields. Closer to home she had been to Brogdale and Saltwood capturing blossom, cowslips, orchids, and perfecting her images in camera without resort to Photoshop. George had travelled the world and had some wonderful images, rising early and walking for miles to find them, visiting wonderful rock formations in the States, and lonely derelict buildings in out of the way places.   The majority were from his trip to the Arctic where he made friends (from a distance) with a particular polar bear and some gigantic walruses, all amid stunning blue ice. It is always good to see images that are taken for pleasure rather than always with a competition in mind and both Katrina and George kept us entertained until it was time to go home.

The following are photographs of the evening, taken by Martin Till.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Annual Exhibition

The Ashford Photographic Society Annual Exhibition is now open from the 26th August to the 3rd September (excluding Sunday 28th and Monday 29th) 10:00 - 16:00. It is located in Park Mall Unit 23 (where Millets used to be).

Its our opportunity to show  to the local community what we do, it also advertises to prospective new members what a vibrant and creative group we are.  Please come along and see some excellent photography.

A big thank you to those who came in early and helped set up the exhibition, and thank you to Martin Till for the photographs.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Costumed Model Photoshoot

Marjorie Burge writes:

Willesborough Windmill was the venue for an evening  photoshoot on Thursday 14th July. APS are on summer break at the moment but always happy to get together for some extra practice. For this portrait evening we had three models – James Shoobridge, Natasha Bizarra and Mark Sherman – and the windmill was the perfect place for them to appear in costume and for our photographers to catch them against the backdrop of the mill. Portrait photography is quite an art and Philip Hinton, our Chairman, was generous in his support for those in the early learning stages. Mark, Natasha and James were ideal models, friendly and imaginative when posing. It was a lovely evening and everyone agreed that the windmill venue was amazing.

(Mark Sherman) by Christine Marshall

(James Shoobridge) by Christine Marshall

Ring Detail (James Shoobridge) by Spencer Stone

Darkness Envies Light (Natasha Bizarra) by Spencer Stone

Portrait (Natasha Bizarra) by Spencer Stone

A new set of APS photographers gathered for our second photoshoot at Willesborough Windmill on the evening of Thursday 21st July and were greeted by a ninja warrior and an imperial storm-trooper – not usually found in windmills. Our models for the evening, Natasha Bizarra and Evan Davies, also appeared later as cat woman and Kylo Ren (son of Han Solo and Princess Leia). A real challenge for our photographers who were given a one-to-one with the models and a free hand to stage manage their own photos. Phil once again looked after everyone and provided an amazing selection of chocolate biscuits – believe me his photoshoots are well worth attending. It was good to have the opportunity to meet up with APS members not seen since the club closed for the summer break.

by Philip Hinton

Catwoman (Natasha Bizarra) by Sean Harding

Catwoman (Natasha Bizarra) by Sean Harding

Monday, 4 July 2016

Anthony Baines Wins The RCN "Care On Camera" Photography Competition

Back in November 2015 the Royal College of Nursing in conjunction with the Royal Photographic Society launched a photographic competition.
In 2016 the Royal College of Nursing celebrates 100 years as the voice of nursing.
To mark this milestone in our history we've joined with the Royal Photographic Society and NHS Employers to look for the best photographs that illustrate UK nursing in all its diversity. 
We want to see your images showing nursing in different environments; whether that’s a hospital ward, an industrial setting or your own front room. It’s your chance to capture pictures of nurses, midwives and health care assistants both in and out of uniform; in the NHS and private sectors; as practitioners, teachers and students. 
Collectively the photographs from this competition will contribute a record of contemporary nursing to the RCN archives, and shortlisted images will also form a touring exhibition that will help people understand that nursing is not just confined to hospital wards, but comes in many different guises.
Anthony decided to enter the competition and after being short-listed, it was announced in June that he had won the Gold Award for his photograph, "Community Nursing Care at Home", chosen from more than 800 entries (

Congratulations Anthony, well deserved.

I would recommend reading Anthony's own blog were he details how he went about creating his winning photograph.

Community Nursing Care at Home by Anthony Baines

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

PAGB Inter Federation Print/Projected Competitions 2016

Each year images from the Annual KCPA (Kent County Photographic Association) Print & PDI Exhibition are chosen to represent the KCPA in the PAGB Inter Federation Print/Projected Competitions, and a number of photographs by Ashford members were selected.

Unfortunately this was not a vintage year for Kent and although Ashford members scored well none of their photographs were accepted.

Open Monochrome Print Competition 2016 –
KCPA –11th out of 15 federations

142 1st place   Northern Ireland Photographic Association
118 11th Place KCPA
92  15th Place North Wales Photographic Association

Open Colour Print Competition 2016
KCPA – 7th out of 15 federations

134 1st place LCPU The Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union
134  =  MCPF The Midland Counties Photographic Federation
134  =  SPF Scottish Photographic Federation
126  7th place    KCPA The Kent County Photographic Association
117  15th place  NWPA North Wales Photographic Association

Open Projected Competition 2016
KCPA – joint 14th out of 15 federations

134  1st LCPU The Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union
         = MCPF The Midland Counties Photographic Federation
120  14th NWPA North Wales Photographic Association
         = KCPA The Kent County Photographic Association

Nature Projected Competition 2016
KCPA – 14th out of 14 federations

139  1st SPF Scottish Photographic Federation
120  14th KCPA The Kent County Photographic Association

KCPA Accepted images (8 in total)

Individual Results for Ashford Photographic Society Members

Colour Print  Anthony Baines Little Owl Athene Noctua and Prey - 12
Colour Print  Anthony Baines The Drowned Pool - 12
Colour Print  Bob Devine Great Grey Owl Lands At Dusk - 12

Nature Digital  Bob Devine Lions After Love - 12
Nature Digital  Bob Devine Cheetah Cub Helps - 12
Nature Digital  Michael Gilburt Swallowtail - 10
Nature Digital  Neville Marsh Female Broad Bodied Chaser - 11

Open Digital  Anthony Wright Lets Pray - 9
Open Digital  Christopher Rogers Number 37 At Full Power - 12
Open Digital  Kyle David Tallett Amber In Reflection - 10
Open Digital  Neville Marsh A Very Straight Drive By Stevens - 11

Full details can be seen here

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Singleton Lake Outing

On Sunday 12 June a group of photographers from APS met up with a group from the Friends Of Singleton Lake who are a group concerned with the conservation, maintenance and improvement of the Lake and surrounding areas for the community.  The idea behind the meet-up was for an exchange of knowledge, APS members with their photographic experience and FOSL members with their knowledge of the local flora, fauna and wildlife.

Meeting at 10:00 the weather was a bit overcast but this wasn't going to deter anyone.  Split into small groups they went off covering different areas of the site.  Some went around the lake, others to the meadow, and some followed the River Stour.  After an hour the groups met up and then went out again but to different areas.  It was at this point that the weather started to get damp, alternating between drizzle and light showers, although this didn't dampen peoples spirit.

It was a very successful outing for both organisations, and hopefully the first of many.

by Sue Chapman

by Sue Chapman

by Sue Chapman

by Sue Chapman

by Ian Macey

by Ian Macey

by Ian Macey

by Suie Tomasini

by Suie Tomasini

by Suie Tomasini

by Martin Till

by Martin Till

by Martin Till 

by Martin Till

by Martin Till

by Martin Till